Ankr Price Jumps 70% After Microsoft Partnership: The Next Blockchain Revolution Is Here!

• Ankr token had an instant 70% increase in price after the announcement of its partnership with Microsoft.
• The native utility token is trading at $0.04676586 and has seen a 61.8% hike over the week.
• The enterprise Remote Procedure Call allows users and developers to access usage data and advanced telemetry across 38+ blockchains.

Ankr Partners With Microsoft To Boost Token Value

Ankr, a blockchain infrastructure provider, has announced a partnership with Microsoft which has benefited the native utility token. Within minutes of the announcement, ANKR prices rose by 70%, with 7 days high mark at $0.053714 and currently trading at $0.04676586, resulting in 37.6% rise in last 24 hours and 61.8% hike over the week. The market capitalization of ANKR is now $386,972,037 with 0.034% dominance in whole crypto world and 24 hrs trading volume of over a billion dollars with ratio of volume/ Market Cap being 2.7297 respectively.

Microsoft Azure Enables Node Hosting Service

Microsoft Azure will be able to utilize the node hosting service provided by decentralized network enabled by Ankr’s partnership with Microsoft which will allow users and developers to connect to major blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain and Solana through Enterprise Remote Procedure Call (RPC). This will enable users to track performance of their nodes anytime anywhere alongwith accessing usage data and advanced telemetry across 38+ blockchains seamlessly.

Web3 Revolution Begins With Blockchain Technology

The shift from web2 giants towards web3 environment indicates influence blockchain technology holds as this partnership between Ankr & Microsoft marks revolution for blockchain tech transforming into mainstream adoption & benefitting native utility tokens like ANKR simultaneously . This also reflects confidence that web3 industry holds due to massive potential it possesses as enterprises are joining hands in making utilization of node hosting services & other features enabling smooth transition into distributed ledger systems powered by Web3 technology .

ANKR Price Chart Analysis

ANKR Price chart Source: CMC The chart clearly indicates positive response among investors towards this news as price surged right after announcement & continue rising further till date indicating increased demand for native tokens among traders & investors alike leading upto surge in prices & market cap both seeing huge surge since past few days .


In conclusion , it can be said that this partnership between Ankr & Microsoft marks revolutionary step for blockchain techs’ transition into mainstream adoption bringing forth huge potentials for Web3 protocols alongwith providing benefits for native utility tokens like ANKR .