TradeGDT Soars: AI Automation Hits 10% of Bybit Trading Volume in 4 Hours

• AI Project TradeGDT is growing in popularity, achieving 10% of Bybit Derivatives Trading Volume within 4 hours.
• TradeGDT is a combination of big data quantitative trading bot and AI.
• TraderDAO has been developing AI for crypto trading since the start of 2022.

Introduction to TradeGDT

TradeGDT (Trading Generative Data Transformer) is an upgraded version of a big data quantitative trading bot combined with AI technology. It combines the ChatGPT plug-in to communicate with users more intelligently and flexibly, allowing them to execute orders, as well as alerting users to market dynamics information. In addition, TradeGDT can analyse and study user data, dynamic trade models and identify the profit model belonging to the trader before formulating a set of automated trading models. It serves as an AI smart trading assistant that enables traders to become better versions of themselves.

TraderDAO Team

The TraderDAO team has been engaging in implementing AI in crypto trading since the start of 2022. With a clear goal and commitment, they have launched their MVP (Minimal Viable Product) in close partnership with Bybit and have seen great success with 10% ($330mil) Bybit 24 hour derivatives volume achieved in just 4 hours after launch!

Benefits Of TradeGDT

The implementation of TradeGDT brings many benefits for traders who are looking for an advanced approach towards trading crypto assets. The use of AI eliminates emotion from the equation which helps traders make more informed decisions while also benefiting from increased productivity due to automation when executing orders or studying market trends.

Deep Learning Algorithms

Generative Adversarial Networks or GANs play an important role in the development of generative AI models that create realistic content such as images, videos and text; ChatGPT (Generative Pre-train Transformer) elevates this trend further by enabling human-like conversations between people and machines. These deep learning algorithms enable machines such as TradeGDT to understand complex markets at a much faster rate than humans are capable off while providing more accurate predictions for traders’ benefit.


  The demand for Artificial Intelligence applied on financial markets has never been higher; especially within crypto markets where everything happens at lightning speed it is essential that traders have access to intelligent tools like TradeGDT that help them stay ahead of the game and make informed decisions without being affected by emotions or lack manual labour productivity caused by humans alone.