Biden Admin Unveils Roadmap to Safeguard Crypto Market

• The White House has released a roadmap to reduce the risks associated with cryptocurrency.
• The Biden Administration is developing a cryptocurrency legal framework over the coming months.
• The roadmap outlines the administration’s approach to mitigating cryptocurrency threats, creating digital assets securely, and holding bad actors accountable.

The White House has released a roadmap outlining the Biden Administration’s approach to reducing the risks associated with cryptocurrency. In the face of a tumultuous year for the crypto market, with investors facing severe lows and the collapse of the LUNA/Terra, and the bankruptcy of significant corporations like FTX, the Administration is taking a proactive stance to ensure that cryptocurrencies do not threaten financial stability, protect investors, and hold bad actors accountable.

The roadmap, published in an official blog post, states that the Administration has spent the past year identifying the risks of cryptocurrencies and devising ways to mitigate them using the executive branch’s authorities. The document goes on to detail the entities that disregard financial regulations and risk practices, as well as cryptocurrency platforms and advocates that frequently mislead users, have conflicts of interest, and fail to disclose adequately or perpetrate massive fraud.

In order to create a secure and sustainable digital asset framework, the Administration is developing a cryptocurrency legal framework over the coming months. The framework will address the risks posed by cryptocurrencies, as well as provide rules and regulations that hold bad actors accountable. The Administration is also encouraging the public to share their thoughts and feedback on the proposed framework.

The Administration is also working to ensure that investors are protected from fraud and abuse by enhancing enforcement actions and developing a comprehensive approach to regulating digital assets. They have also been working to increase transparency and disclosure of crypto-related activities, as well as improve consumer education and outreach.

By issuing this roadmap, the Biden Administration is setting a new standard for cryptocurrency regulation, and their efforts will lead to a healthier, more secure crypto market. With the Administration’s guidance, investors can have confidence that their investments are being protected and that the market is being held to the highest standards.

BlockchainSpace Acquires Metasports, Boosts Resources for Web3 Communities

• BlockchainSpace has acquired a majority stake in Metasports, an Intellectual Property House, as part of their mission to strengthen resources and support their mission of creating legitimacy within Web3 communities.
• With this acquisition, BlockchainSpace is confident that they will be able to scale faster in 2023 and promote the value of their flagship product, Guild Hub.
• BlockchainSpace CEO and Founder Peter Ing believes that the acquisition of Metasports will give them an unbridled springboard to high-impact Web3 communities.

BlockchainSpace, the leading data aggregator and infrastructure provider for guilds and Web3 projects, has recently made an exceptional move for Web3 community support with the majority acquisition of Intellectual Property House, Metasports. This strategic move, made by BlockchainSpace CEO and Founder Peter Ing, is expected to have far-reaching implications in the coming year.

The Metasports acquisition is part of BlockchainSpace’s mission to strengthen resources and support their mission of creating legitimacy within Web3 communities. With this, BlockchainSpace is confident that 2023 will be a banner year, allowing them to scale faster and promote the value of their flagship product, Guild Hub.

Guild Hub, launched in late 2022, is BlockchainSpace’s initiative to help create legitimacy among Web3 communities. It provides an effective way of policing the community and creating impactful and valuable partnerships. With the majority acquisition of Metasports, BlockchainSpace is optimistic that they will be able to leverage the synergistic partnership to bring more value to their partner guilds.

Peter Ing believes that the acquisition of Metasports will give them an unbridled springboard to high-impact Web3 communities. He said, “Esports and guilds are not going away as they are integral to Web3 gaming. Metasports will be instrumental in fostering further business growth, allowing us to continue supporting the community.”

Furthermore, Metasports Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer Lars Hernandez and Metasports CEO and Co-Founder Joe Josue are both optimistic that the majority acquisition of Metasports will make waves in Web3 and bring great value to their stakeholders in the coming years.

Overall, BlockchainSpace’s acquisition of Metasports is an exceptional move for Web3 community support. With this synergistic partnership, BlockchainSpace is confident that they will be able to scale faster in 2023 and promote the value of their flagship product, Guild Hub.

Crypto Firm Facing $2M Lawsuit Over Lost Bitcoin Mining Machines

1. Compass Mining is facing a lawsuit from customers who allege that the company lost their Bitcoin mining machines in a deal with Bit River.
2. The lawsuit is seeking more than $2 million in damages for failing to return the machines after the termination of the business relationship.
3. The court document claims that Compass Mining did not disclose its ‘middleman’ status to Bit River and that the plaintiffs believe Bit River assumed that Compass owned the mining machines.

Compass Mining, a cryptocurrency mining firm, is currently facing a lawsuit from customers who allege that the company failed to return their Bitcoin mining machines. The aggrieved customers are seeking more than $2 million in damages after Compass Mining severed ties with Russian hosting firm Bit River.

The lawsuit, which was filed on January 17th with the United States District Court for The Southern District of Florida, alleges that Compass Mining fraudulently failed to disclose its ‘middleman’ status to Bit River. Plaintiffs believe that Bit River may have assumed that Compass owned the mining machines, leading to the loss of the machines.

The court document states that Compass issued a notice last April of its business termination with Bit River. The mining company cited the sanctions imposed by the United States government on Russia as the reason for the termination. However, according to the lawsuit, Compass failed to return the mining machines to the customers.

The lawsuit claims that Compass Mining had a contractual obligation to return the mining machines to the customers but failed to do so. The aggrieved customers believe that Compass Mining was negligent in its duties, and as a result, they are now seeking more than $2 million in damages.

The lawsuit against Compass Mining is a reminder to all cryptocurrency firms of the importance of fulfilling contractual obligations. It also serves as a warning to all customers to be cautious when entering into business relationships with companies.

Características e serviços na Bitcoin Digital

Conclusões chave

  • Fiat e criptográfico de empréstimo.
  • Obtenha moeda fiat para as necessidades do dia-a-dia enquanto utiliza o cripto como garantia.
  • Receber até 15,03% APY em depósitos criptográficos com a oportunidade de ganhar juros compostos.
  • Características únicas de empréstimo criptográfico para uma gestão eficiente dos activos criptográficos.
  • Uma troca criptográfica universal onde os utilizadores podem converter entre todas as moedas criptográficas disponíveis no Bitcoin Digital.
  • Depósito fácil e levantamento instantâneo de activos criptográficos.
  • Garantia de segurança dos activos criptográficos através de uma apólice de seguro com Ledger Vault.
  • Empréstimos criptográficos instantâneos a partir de um mínimo de $100.
  • Multi HODL – uma ferramenta para aumentar os ganhos dos utilizadores, tirando partido da volatilidade do mercado.

Características e Serviços

Cerca de 174.000 utilizadores activos processam até $1,2 mil milhões de dólares de transacções através dos serviços Bitcoin Digital. A empresa tem uma carteira criptográfica, uma característica na sua aplicação móvel e website.

Os utilizadores de carteiras e contas poupança do Bitcoin Digital têm um saldo médio de $12.900 em títulos criptográficos. Da mesma forma, a Bitcoin domina 8,5% do activo criptográfico nas carteiras dos utilizadores.

Conta de poupança criptográfica

Juntamente com os empréstimos criptográficos, os serviços do Bitcoin Digital incluem uma conta poupança criptográfica. Pode ganhar até 15,03% de juros anuais dependendo das condições de mercado e da moeda criptográfica na sua conta poupança.

Por exemplo, oferecem 13,09% APY sobre USDT, 12,75% sobre USDC, HUSD, e TUSD, e 7,04% de juros sobre Bitcoin. As recompensas da conta poupança Crypto são pagas semanalmente e levantadas instantaneamente.

Multi HODL

A ferramenta Multi HODL é uma característica que permite aos utilizadores aumentar o valor dos seus activos criptográficos, permitindo-lhes tirar partido da volatilidade do mercado.

Em contraste com uma Conta Poupança que é conservadora e menos arriscada, a ferramenta Multi HODL pode aumentar rapidamente o lucro dos seus fundos criptográficos. No entanto, também expõe os seus depósitos criptográficos a um risco mais elevado.

Para utilizar a ferramenta Multi HODL, seleccione uma moeda e defina um preço de take profit e um nível máximo de risco. Iniciará então uma cadeia de empréstimos utilizando fiat emprestado para comprar novos activos criptográficos. A moeda fiat serve como garantia para outros empréstimos dentro da cadeia. O número de empréstimos depende da alavancagem.

De acordo com as estatísticas do Bitcoin Digital, a ferramenta Multi HODL pode proporcionar 290% de lucro. No entanto, pode perder 50% (ou mais) dos seus fundos criptográficos. Consequentemente, o Bitcoin Digital incentiva os seus clientes a armazenar 80% da sua carteira criptográfica na conta poupança ao mesmo tempo que coloca 20% em maior risco na conta Multi HODL.


A conta poupança Bitcoin Digital oferece mais de 50 moedas e fichas. Enquanto a taxa de juro média entre as contas de poupança Bitcoin Digital é de 8,7%, as taxas de juro para a maioria das moedas criptográficas são diferentes.

Portanto, o Bitcoin Digital fornece uma calculadora que estima o equivalente criptográfico dos pagamentos de juros que os clientes receberão no prazo de um mês, três meses e um ano.

Para saber quanto irá ganhar com o seu valor criptográfico:

Visite o website oficial do Bitcoin Digital.

  • Clique em “MENU” e clique em “Produtos”.
  • Seleccione “Ganhar interesse”. Encontrará então uma calculadora onde poderá seleccionar uma moeda criptográfica e introduzir uma quantia que deseje depositar.
  • Depois de realizar as tarefas acima mencionadas, verá a estimativa de juros no seu criptograma.

Wie man den Produktschlüssel für Microsoft Office 2010 findet, das bereits installiert ist

Ein 25-stelliger Produktschlüssel ist für die Aktivierung der Microsoft Office-Software erforderlich. Ohne ihn erhalten Sie keine kostenlosen Updates des Office-Tools und können auch nicht auf dessen Funktionen zugreifen. Aber wenn Sie den Produktschlüssel versehentlich verloren haben, wenn Sie die Microsoft Office-Software auf einem neuen Gerät oder einem formatierten Computer neu installieren müssen. Office-Programm-Aktivierung kann ein lästiges Problem für Sie sein. Dieser Beitrag, wie man Produktschlüssel für Microsoft Office 2010 bereits installiert zu finden, wird Ihnen helfen, die verlorenen oder vergessenen Software-Schlüssel zurück zu finden.

Methode 1: Office 2010-Produktschlüssel mit CMD finden

Nach der Installation auf dem Computer kann der Microsoft Office 2010-Produktschlüssel über die Eingabeaufforderung gefunden werden. Sie müssen jedoch die Bitgröße des installierten Office kennen (32- oder 64-Bit).

Schritt 1: Drücken Sie die Tasten Win + R, um das Feld Ausführen zu öffnen, geben Sie cmd in das Feld Ausführen ein und drücken Sie dann die Eingabetaste.

Schritt 2: Geben Sie im Eingabeaufforderungsfenster den folgenden Befehl entsprechend der aktuellen Version des Betriebssystems und von MS Office ein, und klicken Sie dann auf die Eingabetaste.

● Office 2010 (32-Bit) auf einer 32-Bit-Version von Windows
cscript “C:\Programmdateien\Microsoft Office\Office14\OSPP.VBS” /dstatus
● Office 2010 (32-Bit) auf einer 64-Bit-Version von Windows
cscript “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\OSPP.VBS” /dstatus
● Office 2010 (64-Bit) auf einer 64-Bit-Version von Windows
cscript “C:\Programmdateien\Microsoft Office\Office14\OSPP.VBS” /dstatus
Verwenden Sie cmd, um den Office-Produktschlüssel zu finden.
Sie erhalten einige detaillierte Informationen wie Lizenzname, Lizenzstatus des installierten Microsoft Office 2010 und die letzten 5 Zeichen des Produktschlüssels.

Methode 2: Office 2010-Produktschlüssel über die Registry finden

Wir können den Office-Serienschlüssel auch über den Registrierungseditor finden. Da er mit einem Binärcode verschlüsselt ist, können wir ihn normalerweise nicht lesen.

Schritt 1: Drücken Sie die Windows-Taste + R, um das Feld Ausführen aufzurufen, geben Sie regedit ein und tippen Sie auf Enter.

Schritt 2: Navigieren Sie zu DigitalProductID, indem Sie dem folgenden Pfad folgen:


Methode 3: Office 2010-Produktschlüssel über ein Drittanbieter-Tool finden

Wenn die beiden Methoden weder für Sie arbeiten, hier ist eine kostenlose heruntergeladene Drittanbieter-Tool kann wirklich das Problem zu behandeln. Sie können das benutzerfreundliche Programm Software Key Finder anwenden, um den Produktschlüssel für Microsoft Office 2010 mit einem Klick wiederherzustellen. Folgen Sie den nachstehenden Anweisungen:

Schritt 1: Starten Sie es nach erfolgreicher Installation auf dem Computer und klicken Sie dann auf die Schaltfläche Wiederherstellung starten.

Schritt 2: Voila! Der Produktschlüssel aller installierten Programme, einschließlich Microsoft Office 2010, wird auf der Oberfläche angezeigt.

So exportieren Sie Ihre gespeicherten Passwörter aus Firefox

Die aktuellen Browser verfügen über eine praktische Funktion: Sie helfen den Nutzern, ihre Passwörter und Logins zu speichern, so dass sie diese nicht immer wieder eingeben müssen. Das ist sehr benutzerfreundlich, und es kann sein, dass man die gespeicherten Passwörter exportieren und als CSV-Datei an einem anderen Ort speichern muss. MiniTool Solution zeigt Ihnen Schritt für Schritt, wie Sie Firefox-Passwörter exportieren können.

Die Speicherung von Passwörtern und Logins in Browsern ist eine tolle Funktion. Sie müssen dem Browser nur sagen, dass er sich Ihre Passwörter merken soll, wenn Sie sie zum ersten Mal eingeben; wenn Sie dann dieselben Websites aufrufen und diese dieselben Passwörter verlangen, füllt er sie automatisch für Sie aus. Dies verhindert viele Probleme und ist sehr zeitsparend. Im Folgenden wird am Beispiel von Firefox gezeigt, wie Sie Firefox-Kennwörter exportieren können.

Tipp: Machen Sie sich nicht zu viele Sorgen, wenn Sie versehentlich wichtige Daten gelöscht haben. Die gelöschten Dateien, Ordner und sogar der gelöschte Browserverlauf können in einfachen Schritten wiederhergestellt werden, sofern Sie ein leistungsfähiges Wiederherstellungstool verwenden.

Warum müssen Sie Firefox-Passwörter exportieren?

Es gibt hauptsächlich 3 Gründe, die erklären, warum Benutzer Passwörter aus Firefox exportieren möchten:

Man möchte die Passwörter in einen anderen Browser oder auf einen neuen Computer importieren.
Manche Leute wollen ein Backup der Passwörter lokal aufbewahren, anstatt sie in die Cloud zu stellen.
Benutzer sind so abhängig vom Browser, dass sie ihre Passwörter vergessen und sie in anderen Browsern oder auf anderen Geräten nicht mehr richtig eingeben können.
Glücklicherweise sind keine komplizierten Schritte erforderlich, um Passwörter aus Firefox zu exportieren. Es gibt eine integrierte Funktion für Benutzer, um gespeicherte Passwörter Firefox und gespeicherte Logins Firefox zu exportieren.

Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihre lokale Festplatte/SSD gut funktioniert, wenn Sie die exportierte CSV-Datei dort speichern möchten. Andernfalls sollten Sie eine externe Festplatte oder ein USB-Laufwerk vorbereiten, um die CSV-Datei zu speichern und sie dann auf einen anderen Computer zu übertragen.

Hinweis: Die CSV-Datei sollte folgende Angaben enthalten: url, Benutzername, Passwort, httpRealm, formActionOrigin, guid, timeCreated, timeLastUsed und timePasswordChanged.
Die folgenden Schritte von Firefox exportieren gespeicherte Passwörter sind in Windows 10 abgeschlossen. Wenn Sie die Operationen in anderen Systemen oder auf anderen Geräten durchführen, können die Schritte etwas anders sein.

Wie man Firefox-Passwörter exportiert

So exportieren Sie Passwörter aus Firefox:

Doppelklicken Sie auf das Firefox-Symbol auf dem Desktop oder suchen Sie nach Firefox und klicken Sie es über Windows an.
Klicken Sie auf das Menüsymbol (dargestellt durch drei horizontale Linien) in der oberen rechten Ecke.
Wählen Sie Logins und Passwörter aus dem Dropdown-Menü.
Das Firefox Lockwise-Fenster wird nun angezeigt.
Klicken Sie auf das Menüsymbol (dargestellt durch drei Punkte) in der oberen rechten Ecke.
Wählen Sie Logins exportieren… aus dem Dropdown-Menü.
Es erscheint ein kleines Fenster mit der Aufforderung “Ihre Passwörter werden als lesbarer Text gespeichert, so dass jeder, der die exportierte Datei öffnen kann, sie sehen kann”. Wenn Sie fortfahren möchten, klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche .. unten links.
Sie werden möglicherweise aufgefordert, Ihre Windows-Anmeldedaten einzugeben, um die Sicherheit Ihrer Konten zu schützen. Geben Sie das richtige Kennwort ein und klicken Sie auf OK.
Das Fenster Logins-Datei exportieren wird angezeigt. Navigieren Sie zu dem Ort, an dem Sie die Datei aufbewahren möchten, und geben Sie ihr einen neuen Dateinamen; klicken Sie dann zur Bestätigung auf Speichern.
Die exportierten Kennwörter und Anmeldungen werden in einer CSV-Datei gespeichert.
Kopieren Sie die Datei auf eine externe Festplatte oder ein USB-Laufwerk, um ein Backup zu erstellen.

Wie deaktiviert man das Passwort unter Windows 10 in verschiedenen Fällen?

Firefox Lockwise ist ein Passwort-Manager, der von Mozilla für den Firefox-Webbrowser bereitgestellt wird. Er synchronisiert Passwörter mit dem Browser, so dass Sie von überall außerhalb von Firefox auf die gespeicherten Passwörter zugreifen können.

Firefox Passwörter auf einen neuen Computer exportieren

Schließen Sie die externe Festplatte oder das USB-Laufwerk an den neuen Computer an.
Öffnen Sie Firefox.
Klicken Sie auf das Menüsymbol.
Wählen Sie Logins und Passwörter.
Klicken Sie auf das Menüsymbol im Firefox Lockwise-Fenster.
Wählen Sie Importieren aus einer Datei….
Wählen Sie Ihre CSV-Datei und klicken Sie auf Öffnen.
Die Passwörter und Anmeldungen werden in Firefox Lockwise hinzugefügt/aktualisiert.

Firefox Gespeicherte Logins in Google Chrome exportieren

Schließen Sie Firefox.
Öffnen Sie Chrome und klicken Sie auf das Menüsymbol mit den drei Punkten.
Wählen Sie Einstellungen.
Klicken Sie auf Lesezeichen und Einstellungen importieren.
Wählen Sie Mozilla Firefox aus dem Dropdown-Menü.
Deaktivieren Sie andere Elemente, aber behalten Sie Gespeicherte Kennwörter.
Klicken Sie auf Importieren.

What is Bitcoin Pro?

Experienced investors have made millions trading bitcoin in recent years. Inexperienced investors have lost more than they have earned.
Technological advances and the provision of cryptocurrency trading bots mean that even the inexperienced investor can now use these clever trading strategies and win. Yet it seems that many investors do not even know that they can use a trading bot for their bitcoin trading. Therefore, many opportunities to make money are simply missed.
The following article from provides comprehensive information about Bitcoin Pro.


What is Bitcoin Pro?

Bitcoin Pro is a crypto trading robot that uses advanced algorithms to make profitable trades on behalf of the investor. In addition to cryptos, the Bitcoin Pro app can also support binary options and forex trading.
The software is designed to make trades possible automatically and with blazing speed and accuracy, which definitely proves profitable.
Trading opportunities are identified and this is irrespective of whether it is in a downturn or a price rise. The crypto market is subject to strong fluctuations, so it can be crucial to identify a downtrend or an uptrend in good time. This explains the high success rate of Bitcoin Pro investors.
With the app settings, investors can select which cryptocurrency is to be traded. The trader can also use the settings for strategies such as stop losses.

Features & Functionality


Who is behind Bitcoin Pro?

The team believed to be behind Bitcoin Pro. is led by Edwin James, who is an experienced trader. James has made his fortune in cryptocurrencies and binary options. For example, James states on the Bitcoin Pro site that he developed the trading bot to teach interested investors how to trade like an experienced investor.
Moreover, he was convinced that automated trading in cryptos should enable every investor to make money with it. That’s why traders who sign up on Bitcoin Pro’s site immediately get the opportunity to rake in strong profits.

###3 steps###

Opinions about Bitcoin Pro

Actually, I always thought that there can only be success if you work hard for it. That was also the reason why I was sceptical about Bitcoin Pro at first. But after a closer look I realised that there is also a lot of hard work behind this good software. Now I use Bitcoin Pro regularly and supplement my normal income. I can also finally put something aside for my future.

Advantages and disadvantages

Automatic trading: With Bitcoin Pro, “auto-trading” can be used. This means that investors do not need to have any experience trading cryptocurrencies.
Transparent trading: Investors can easily monitor trading, including receipts and payouts.
Mobile and PC support: Bitcoin Pro’s bot supports iOS smartphones and Android.
Real-time market signals: With the Bitcoin Pro app, investors can access all trading signals and trends around the clock. This makes it virtually easier to track potential profits.
Various payment methods: At Bitcoin Pro, there are various payment methods, such as credit card, bank transfer or other online payment providers. Money can be withdrawn and also deposited.

No choice of preferred broker: Those who want a specific broker will automatically receive one from the Bitcoin Pro system. The brokers are all regulated and reputable.


Our test with Bitcoin Pro showed that the trading bot is quite safe to handle. So we can assume that the software is actually great and that decent money is actually earned with it.

How does Bitcoin Pro compare to other bots?

We are convinced that Bitcoin Pro is a reputable trading bot that even performs better than other competitors. However, investors can also choose other bots, with Bitcoin Pro being one of the leading cryptocurrency bots.
We can therefore recommend Bitcoin Pro without hesitation.

Comment effectuer une analyse technique sur la plateforme eToro ?

Comment effectuer une analyse technique sur la plateforme eToro ?
Bien qu’il ne s’agisse pas d’une section en soi, nous allons maintenant voir comment accéder au graphique des prix d’un instrument afin d’en effectuer une analyse technique.

Pour accéder au graphique interactif du prix d’un instrument financier sur eToro, nous allons sur le graphique propre à l’actif. Cliquez sur l’option “Instruments” dans le menu principal et vous aurez accès à tous les actifs répertoriés par marché.

Instruments sur la plateforme d’eToro

Achetez des actions sans commissions !
(*) 68% des comptes des investisseurs particuliers perdent de l’argent lorsqu’ils négocient des CFD avec ce fournisseur. Vous devez vous demander si vous pouvez vous permettre de prendre le risque élevé de perdre votre argent.

En cliquant sur l’actif que nous voulons négocier, nous accéderons à l’écran de sa fiche. En haut, nous avons 3 options (Nouvelles, Statistiques et Graphique). Cliquez sur “Graphique”. Vous pouvez trouver plus d’informations sur eToro sur leur site web :

Graphique du cours de l’action sur la plateforme d’eToro.
Achetez des actions sans commission !
(*) 68% des comptes des investisseurs particuliers perdent de l’argent en négociant des CFD avec ce fournisseur. Vous devez vous demander si vous pouvez vous permettre de prendre le risque élevé de perdre votre argent.

Si nous voulons effectuer une analyse technique complète (au-delà de la visualisation du graphique), nous pouvons utiliser des outils de dessin, changer le cadre temporel du graphique, ajouter des indicateurs (tels que les bandes de Bollinger, le canal de Keltner, Ichimoku, ATR, Stochastique, MACD, Moyennes mobiles, RSI, SAR parabolique,…). Pour ce faire, nous devons cliquer sur l’icône d’agrandissement en plein écran située en haut à droite :

Ajouter des indicateurs sur la plateforme eToro

Achetez des actions sans commissions !
(*) 68% des comptes des investisseurs particuliers perdent de l’argent lorsqu’ils négocient des CFD avec ce fournisseur. Vous devez vous demander si vous pouvez vous permettre de prendre le risque élevé de perdre votre argent.

Sur le graphique, nous disposons maintenant d’un certain nombre d’outils d’analyse.

Analyse technique sur la plateforme eToro
Achetez des actions sans commission !
(*) 68% des comptes des investisseurs particuliers perdent de l’argent en négociant des CFD avec ce fournisseur. Vous devez vous demander si vous pouvez vous permettre de prendre le risque élevé de perdre votre argent.

ÉTAPE 3 – Comment le système CopyTrading d’eToro fonctionne-t-il ?
Le système CopyTrading d’eToro est plus qu’un simple réseau social où nous pouvons parler et commenter les messages des autres utilisateurs (tout comme ils peuvent interagir avec nous). Cette fonction est ce qui distingue eToro des autres courtiers en ligne et ce n’est pas seulement la fusion du trading et du réseau social, c’est la possibilité de copier les transactions effectuées par tout autre trader sur le réseau. C’est le système CopyTrading.

Bitcoin price attacks the 50,000!

Bitcoin price attacks the 50,000!

More and more large companies are promising their customers that they will soon be able to pay with Bitcoin. The increasing adaptation in the Bitcoin Profit broader society is giving the Bitcoin price unimagined highs. Especially in such volatile markets, the motto is: Realise profits! Nobody likes having to sell at a loss. But where do you find these entrances? This is what we want to look at in today’s technical analysis on a weekly, daily and 4-hour basis.Google SubscribeStrong weekly candle in the Bitcoin price!

As described in our last report, there was a possibility for the Bitcoin price to form a trend reversal formation – a double top. However, the price rose above the critical zone and marked a new all-time high at currently 49,700 dollars on Coinbase. Thus, a major trend reversal was initially thrown out of the running.

With the four candles between the upper key levels, a medium-term support has been established, which should be seen as a stop for the Bitcoin price in the event of a price decline. Should the bears then push the price down further, there will be no significant support on a weekly basis until the support area at the level of the old all-time high from the end of 2017.

Going to the moon with Musk!

Followed by the breakout from the bull flag and a proper retest on its validity, the Tesla candle is soaring. A rise in the Bitcoin price would probably have occurred even without Tesla’s announcement that it would now also accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. However, this news caused the market to react positively in a jerky manner.

As a result, an “upward consolidation” is now forming. This is put in inverted commas because it is actually a sign of market saturation and therefore a bearish sign. So a small correction could be in the offing.

But especially in the recent past, the Bitcoin price has also broken through bearish consolidations and supposed reversal formations and resolved them bullishly. Those who have not already gone long since the confirmation of the breakout from the bull flag should keep their feet still for now. Better entries will come again!

Bitcoin price at 40,000 or 50,000?

Perhaps the Bitcoin price will overcome its recent behaviour and resolve a bearish consolidation in a bearish manner. In that case, the next price targets would be between 38,000 and 40,000.

If the Bitcoin price manages to start a bullish run again, then one can assume targets far above 50,000. The important thing here is to have your risk under control. Find good entries and exits and only trade with the money that you can still sleep peacefully. Otherwise, happy trading!

Dogecoin (DOGE), Ripple (XRP) and Voyager (VGX): upswing for Altcoins and DeFi

This trading week was tough. In addition to the price explosions of Gamestop and Co. on the classic market, there are also exceptionally strong price movements in some crypto currencies. In particular, the Dogecoin (DOGE) and the crypto veteran Ripple (XRP) are clearly shooting north.

While the key currency Bitcoin (BTC) is hovering around 34,000 USD, many Altcoins show considerable price gains. The dog among the crypto currencies Dogecoin (Doge) can, according to a tweet from Teslach boss Elon Musk, gain almost 400 percent and at the end of the week it had a price increase of 352 percentage points. Ripple (XRP) is also showing above-average strength ahead of the SEC hearing on February 22nd, jumping more than 110 percent north in the last 48 hours. In addition, this week the interest in the DeFi sector continues to persist and is propelling the entire sector to new all-time highs.

Price analysis based on the value pair XRP / USD on Bitfine x

People believed dead live longer. At least that currently seems to be the case. Although American investors can no longer trade Ripple themselves because of the filing of a lawsuit by the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which classifies XRP as a security, Ripple’s price has risen sharply in recent days. At the time of this analysis, XRP is trading at USD 0.605, not only breaking the downtrend, but also currently overcoming the important resistance at USD 0.567. Although large crypto exchanges like Coinbase still do not allow trading with XRP,there are enough investors worldwide who are betting on a further price increase. Short-term investors in particular seem to be following the call from Telegram groups and are speculating on a price squeeze at Ripple this Monday. Investors should be aware of this uncertain situation and if they still want to invest, adjust the position size to the current volatility.

Bullish variant (Ripple)

Although the XRP coursehas already skyrocketed by 160 percent in a weekly comparison, Ripple’s price is currently bullish. A first price target on the upside is the area around USD 0.705, which was briefly overcome in the last few minutes of trading. If this resistance level is broken sustainably, the high of November 24th at USD 0.781 should be considered as a target. If this price level is also clearly broken through, the path would be immediately free to USD 0.969. A strong horizontal resistance line from 2018 runs here. If the XRP price also overcomes this resist by the end of the day, the 138 Fibonacci extension of the current price movement should be started. If there is no clear profit-taking in this chart area and the price continues to rise, the next target in the area of ​​the 161 Fibonacci extension activates at 1.157 USD. A brief overshoot to the strong horizontal resistance at USD 1.204 is also conceivable.

If interest, also fueled by the current hype about Ripple in social media, continues north, a march to the 200 Fibonacci extension at USD 1.391 could take place. Another important horizontal price cap from January 2018 runs just above this projected resistance. If the bulls actually manage to push the price above this price mark, investors will focus on the next relevant price target of USD 1.599. In this area at the latest, it is advisable to realize at least partial profits. If, contrary to expectations, XRP also dynamically overcomes this price mark, the medium-term maximum price target can be found in the range between USD 1.768 (261 Fibonacci extension) and USD 1.785. For the sake of completeness, note the strong resistance at USD 2.093.

Bearishe Variante (Ripple)

If, on the other hand, the XRP price rebounds dynamically in the area of ​​USD 0.705, but no later than the high at USD 0.781, a consolidation up to the support at USD 0.656 is initially likely. If the price subsequently falls below this price mark, a new test of USD 0.599 can be expected. If the bears manage to dynamically undercut this support, a renewed consistency test of the support area between USD 0.567 and USD 0.547 should take place. This is where the golden pocket runs. This is what the technical jargon calls the area between 61 and 65 Fibonacci retracement. If this price range does not hold, Ripple should continue to give up and test the support zone from the two horizontal support lines in the area of ​​USD 0.51. Also a timely relapse to today’s low of 0,

If the bulls do not come back at this support either and stabilize the XRP rate sustainably, the breakout level at USD 0.402 should be tested again. If the XRP price subsequently falls back below the red downtrend line, the scenario of a false breakout is likely. And Ripple should then start at least the EMA20 (red) at USD 0.356. Investors should not be surprised if the price falls to the point of cross support from horizontal support and EMA200 (blue). The red upward trend line in the area of ​​USD 0.26 should be mentioned as the maximum bearish price target. This support level also represents the breakout level on Friday, January 29, 2021. As long as the XRP price can stay above the red downward trend line, the bulls are currently in control.

Indicators: RSI and MACD indicators show buy signals

The RSI as well as the MACD indicator show a buy signal on a daily basis. Looking at the weekly chart, both indicators generated a fresh buy signal, which should also have a positive effect on the price development.